About Mandala Manifest

It Began With a Simple Intention

Looking for purpose

Several years ago I was experiencing the “dark night of the soul”. I had a very hard time finding joy, even though my life was seemingly quite blessed. I knew I had a deeper purpose but couldn’t imagine what that could possibly be. Urged on by my dear friend and spiritual mentor, I started meditating in earnest. One day the idea came to me to paint these stones and leave them for people to find, simply as a way to spread some joy. 

As they say, the best way to get something is to give it first.

I eventually decided to become certified in Reiki  so that I could amplify the positive intentions I was putting into the stones. Word spread about what I was doing and so many people offered to help me get my stones all over the world. This is how the Mandala Manifest Project was started on Instagram.

I realized that I had truly found both joy and purpose. Suddenly I was able to hear my spirit guides loud and clear. One day I received a message from them, explaining how to offer these stones to others to help them with their own personal empowerment.

And here we are today!

Thank you for visiting and reading my story. I hope you find some inspiration and I wish you blessings on your own spiritual journey!

– Jenn

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