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About Our Manifestation Stones

what makes these stones unique?

You may have seen mandala stones before. They are beautiful and mesmerizing. The mandala pattern is said to represent the perfect Universe and the patterns are often used in meditation practice. 

Our mandala stones are created to hold intentions, literally! Each natural basalt beach stone has a hole on its side, specifically to hold a written intention or prayer. 

Every design is unique and hand-painted using intuition and purpose. 

Before shipping, each stone is energetically cleared using an orgone device and then infused with Reiki to raise its vibration to amplify your intentions.

Our stones are empowerment tools, designed to enhance your manifestation ritual or prayer practice. They help you align your beliefs with your desires, to help you focus, and to remind you to look for ways you can take action to help you manifest your intention. 

Simply write down your intention or prayer, roll it up, and then place it inside the stone. 

How to use your manifestation stone

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